Room With A View

Installation / Perspective Box, 2017

The work is a view into an empty hotel room. It may or may not be the hotel room of the proposed site. It may just as likely consist of view of a hotel room in Nevada or any generic space in the landscape of an American diaspora. The content of the view doesn’t matter, it is the construction that concerns us.

The view of the room is in fact constructed. Our project is an image of a room (the perspective scene) and an actual room composing the image. This technique borrows from 16th century Renaissance theater design and the use of false perspective scenes on stage. 
Carpet FloorLeft Wall

Back Wall
The installation is a response to the Last Call for One Night Stand, a call put forward by the curators Jennifer Bonner, Kyle Miller, and Volkan Alkanoglu to question the efficacy of the architectural installation and to propose an “alternative manifestations of their experimentation.”

French historian of scenography Denis Bablet once described 20th century scenography as a “battle with space,” while theater historian Arnold Aronson described the impulse as a “battle with image.” We find the installation to occupy a self-similar category, between an impetus for space-making and an impulse for image-making.

PROJECT TYPE Exhibition  
DATE May 10, 2017 
LOCATION Pod Inn, 2025 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90057
Luiza de Souza, Nicholas Perseo and Brandon Kintzer