Leger und Träger

Exhibition Design, 2017

Leger und Träger is a nod to Frederick Kiesler’s exhibition design (also titled "L and T" or Leger und Trägersystem) for the 1924 International Exhibition of New Theater Technique, one of the first exhibition systems which allowed visitors to manipulate the position of artworks to their liking. Like Kiesler’s "L and T" system, our display system recognizes that the exhibition visitor is not simply a viewer of the work but a generator of new readings.

The display system is derived from Citylab’s graphic identity: the infinitely expanding grid. The grid serves as the geometric foundation for a drawing dérive, an initial sketch following the logic of the grid itself. The sketch, when read through the axonometric view, os- cillates between two-dimensional flat surfaces and three-dimensional volumetric forms. This becomes the basis for the development of a spatial and structural exhibitionary device: the continous framing system.

The framing system is a freestanding, modular display system whose purpose is to detach the work from the wall, allowing the content to be presented in the round. This dismounting of the work and the approachability of the system on all sides allows the visitor to generate their own readings of the work in its environment, as well as new readings of the content itself. How one moves through the exhibition, whether in strict sequence or navigated by associations, urges, and encounters, is entirely up to the visitor.

PROJECT TYPE Exhibition Design
CLIENT Dana Cuff of CityLAB, UCLA
LOCATION Architecture + Design Museum, Los Angeles, CA
TEAM Man-Yan Lam with Stephan Bica, Luiza De Souza, Borja Lopez Calvino, German Diaz, Chase Galis, Jeannette Mundy, Josh Nelson